The goals of Public Health are based on disease prevention, health promotion, to relieve the suffering and to restore good health after sickness and rehabilitation in the defined population through the joint and organized efforts of the public health physicians and the community. It is a combination of Medical Science and community based provision of health services through practical skills regarding disease prevention & health promotion, surveillance, disease/epidemic control and eradication, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, public health administration, sociology and organizational behavior. It is a set of efforts organized by the society, to protect, promote and restore the people’s health through collective and social actions. The programs, services and institutions of public health disseminate the information about the prevention of disease and the health needs of the population as a whole in the form of one window operation. Public Health activities change with the changing needs, technology, values and the objectives for the reduction in the magnitude of disease problem (amount of disease/disease burden) premature deaths and to relieve from discomfort, disability and suffering in the community.

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