University of Lahore


Our vision to produce quality Public Health Professionals who can tackle the public health issues in Pakistan as well globally.


• Enable student to develop the cognitive, effective and psycho-motor skills needed by an entry-level health care professionals like Physiotherapist / Radiographer / Sonographer / Technologists / Physician assistant / Medical lab / Technologist / Dietitian etc.

• Provide a liberal arts and sciences component which will broaden the student’s knowledge and understanding into areas beyond the relevant curriculum.

• Provide student with an information basis which will help them to develop appropriate ethical and professional values, such as those outlined in the international guidelines. Prepare student to pass the national certification examination and qualify for regional licensure. Prepare student pass to communicate clearly and effectively in a diverse environment.

• Demonstrate a high degree of student success within curriculum, as evidenced by low attrition and high graduation rates.